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Definition of Angelfish:

Angelfish belongs to the Cichlidae family. It is a fish species whose natural habitat is Amazon River basin Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Oyapack River French Guiana, Essequibo river Guyana. Angelfish can reach about 12 - 15 cm (5-6") in length. In its natural environment, it lives in swamps and areas with dense vegetation. In the planted tanks, angelfishes will be happier.

Since its fins are long, it is recommended to be kept in high aquariums. It should be kept in fish tank with a height of at least 30 cm (12"). It can be aggressive towards its own and other types of fish, especially during breeding. It is not recommended to kept with fishes small enough to swallow (neon tetra, cardinal tetra, etc.), fish with long tails (goldfish, guppy), and discus.

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What is Angelfish Scientific Name And Classification?

Class Actinopterygii / Order Cichliformes / Family Cichlidae / Genus Pterophyllum / Species Pterophyllum altum 

Other Names for Angelfish  Angels, Angelfish, Freshwater Angelfish

Are Angelfish Easy to Keep? 

Angelfish are easy to keep.


What is The Origin of Angelfish?

Colombia, Suriname, French Guiana, Peru, and Brazil. Found in several river systems, including Rio Essequibo, Rio Ucayali, Rio Solimμes, and the main Amazon basin. It is also found in various rivers in the Amapá region of Brazil.

What Foods Can Angelfish Eat?

They eat both carnivorous and herbivorous. In nature, they feed mainly on small crustaceans such as Zoobentosa and other aquatic invertebrates. Unlike their ancestors, angels raised in aquariums accept flake and granular food. They also like to eat live and frozen food.


What is Angelfish Tank Compatibility?

It is not recommended to be kept with small tetras or other small fish of 4 cm (1.5 inches) and below. They can be aggressive towards small fish.

What Size Tank Should Angelfish Live in?

It is recommended that the fish tank is a minimum of 115 liters (30 gallons). Angelfish tank height should be at least 40 cm.

What are Water Requirements for Angelfish?

Angelfish can live between 24-26 ° C (75 -78 °F)

Ideal pH levels for angelfish would be 6.5 - 7.2 pH. The water hardness of 6-9 ° d will be appropriate


How is the Behaviour of Angelfish?

Angelfish are calm and peaceful fish. They can be aggressive towards fish the size they can eat. It plays the role of a predator especially against fish fry. They are known for hunting fish fry in tanks where they are kept together with livebrears.

How to Identify Angelfish Gender?

Gender discrimination is difficult. Male's heads are more humped. The sex of the fish can be determined with the tube removed during mating. The tube of bread is thinner and pointed; females are thicker and have a rounded tip.

How to Breed Angelfish?

They lay a flat egg on a vertical surface, on a large plant leaf, and the mother and father protect the eggs together. Putting 10-15 fish together for breeding and getting mates among them will increase the probability of success.

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