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Definition of Guppy:

Guppies were the first fish that many hobbyists started, with their peaceful nature and easy production. Guppies in many different colors and shapes were produced by natural selection in the aquarium. In the planted tanks, guppies will be happier. The males are half the size of the females and they are showier than the females. They like planted tanks with above water plants. Their aquariums should not have strong currents. Males can reach 4 cm (2”) and females 6 cm (2,5”). Their lifespan is about 2-4 years.

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What is Guppy Fish Scientific Name And Classification?

Class Actinopterygii / Order Cypriniformes / Family Poeciliidae / Genus Poecilia / Species Poecilia reticulata 

Other Names for Guppy Fancy Guppy, JAW Fish, Millions Fish, Rainbow Fish

What is The Name Origin of the Guppy?

The name originates from Robert John Lechmere Guppy, who found it in Trinidad in 1866. It was named as Girardinus guppii by an ichthyologist in the British Museum. This fish, which has undergone many name changes since then, is now called Poecilia reticulata in Latin.

Are Guppies Easy to Keep?
Guppy are very easy to keep.

What is The Origin of Guppy Fish?

The homeland of guppies is Venezuela, Barbados, Northern Brazil. However, it is a type that is easy to find in pet shops in many countries of the world.

What Foods Can Guppy Eat?

They can be fed both carnivorous and herbivorous. In nature, they primarily feed on insects, but those in the aquarium environment can be fed with all kinds of food.

Guppy Male and Female

What is Guppy Tank Compatibility?

Guppies are peaceful fish that can live with many fish species. In the aquarium with guppies, it should not be kept with fish that are large enough to eat the guppies. Male betta splendes can assume male guppies to be their rivals and exhibit aggressive behavior. Male guppies are eager to breed and should be kept in the aquarium with the ratio of three females to one male so that they do not tire the females in the tank.

What Size Tank Should Guppy Live in?

It is recommended that the fish tank is a minimum of 40 liters (10 gallons) and the aquarium volume should be increased according to the number of fish. Since guppies are a fast-breeding species, it is recommended to choose the aquarium size at the beginning.


What are Water Requirements for Guppy?

Guppies should be kept at a temperature of 20-27 ° C (68 -82 ° F). Aquarium heaters are recommended for both adjusting the aquarium temperature and adjusting the temperature consistency.

Ideal pH levels for guppies are around 7.0 - 8.0. However, a water hardness of 5-20 ° d will be appropriate.

How is the Behaviour of Guppy?

Guppies are very social fish that are peaceful towards both their own species and other species.

Body Types of the Guppy

The body shapes of the guppy are 12 shapes in 3 main groups. The body shapes of the guppy are as follows;
Guppy Body Shapes
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Large strains:
A - Veil tail
B - Triangle tail
C - Fan tail
D - Flag tail

Sword strains:
E - Double sword
F - Upper sword
G - Lower sword
H - Lyre tail

Short strains:
I - Spade tail
J - Spear tail
K - Round tail
L - Pin tail

How to Identify Guppy Gender?

Male guppies are much smaller and more colorful than females and have much longer fins than females. Male fish have a gonopodium organ that is used to inseminate the female during mating. Mature females have a dark, gravid spot on the abdomen; If pregnant, the gravid spot is large and dark.

How to Breed Guppy?

Guppies are livebearers. Guppy breeding and raising fry is easy. Since the male will constantly follow the female, it is recommended to have at least 3 females for each male. The gravid spot (dark area) behind the anal fin that a female is pregnant can be detected. The pregnant guppy belly grows and the back becomes more black.  A pregnant guppy can give birth to 5-100 fry and the pregnancy may last 4-6 weeks. The female can keep sperm in the fallopian tube for a long time, so the female can produce offspring for 6 months or more without a male.

How Do Guppy Fish Get Pregnant?

Male guppy approaches a female guppy. Usually, the female moves away, and therefore a chase follows. Male guppy tries to transfer his sperm with its gonopodium fin.

The male extends his gonopodium fin towards the female guppy's anal vent. The male's rod-shaped gonopodium fin has a tube that delivers sperm to the female.

Is My Guppy Pregnant?

Pregnant guppy's gravid spot is large and dark.

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