Microrasbora Kubotai (Microdevario kubotai) | Fishkeeping, Care Sheet

Definition of Microrasbora Kubotai (Microdevario kubotai):

Microrasbora Kubotai natural habitat is Thailand. They live in oxygen-rich rivers. In nature, they feed on small invertebrates, algae, and other zooplankton. Due to its size and fairly timid nature, it is not well suited for mixed tanks. Plants such as Microsorum, Bolbitis, or Anubias can be added next to the stumps and branches, the darker the base will be better. 30-50% water change weekly will be beneficial. In nature, they generally live in groups of 20-50 fish, at least 8-10 is recommended in an aquarium. They swim in the middle parts of the aquarium. Males compete to attract the attention of females, showing their best colors. They can grow up to 2 cm (1").
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Microrasbora Kubotai (Microdevario kubotai)

What is Microrasbora Kubotai Scientific Name And Classification?

Class Actinopterygii / Order Cypriniformes/ Family Cyprinidae/ Genus Microdevario / Species Microdevario kubotai
Other Names for Microrasbora Kubotai (Microdevario kubotai) Kubota's Microrasbora, Microrasbora kubotai, Kubotai Rasbora, Neon Green Rasbora

Is Microrasbora Kubotai Easy to Keep? 

Microrasbora Kubotai is moderate to keep. Their maintenance will be easier in a clean tank with plenty of oxygen and plants.

What is The Origin of Microrasbora Kubotai?

Their natural habitat are Thailand Rivers. They live in oxygen-rich rivers. They live in calm flowing and oxygen-rich river branches. They are found in pebbly and rocky areas with dense plants in their natural environment.

What Foods Can Microrasbora Kubotai Eat?

In nature, they feed on small invertebrates, algae, and other zooplankton. In the aquarium, they can be fed with appropriately sized small dry food. But only this feed should not be given. Small live and frozen food such as daphnia and artemia should also be given.

What is Microrasbora Kubotai Tank Compatibility?

Although they are a peaceful species, they are recommended to be kept only with their own species due to their very small size. Apart from their own species, they can be kept together with other small and peaceful fishes. They live in groups in nature. It is recommended to keep at least 8-10 fish in the fish tank. Small numbers in the aquarium negatively affect herd behavior. This causes the fish to be stressed. Due to this situation, fading is observed in their colors.

What Size Tank Should Microrasbora Kubotai Live in?

A minimum tank size of 38 liters (10 gallons) is required for a group of Microrasbora. As the number in the fish tank increases, the fish tank volume should also be increased. Since they live in oxygen-rich water in their natural environment, a large aquarium should be preferred.

What are Water Requirements for Microrasbora Kubotai?

Microrasbora Kubotai prefer a water temperature of 20 to 27 ° C (68 to 80 ° F). The ideal pH level for Microrasbora is between 6.0-7.0. Water hardness is recommended as 8-10 ° d.

How is the Behavior of Microrasbora Kubotai?

It is a peaceful species. They are found in groups in nature and it is recommended to keep them in groups in aquariums.

How to Identify Microrasbora Kubotai Gender?

Females are usually round bellies and larger than males.

How to Breed Microrasbora Kubotai?

Like many small cyprinids, they usually lay their eggs randomly between plants. They do not show parental care towards their fry. Healthy fish spawn frequently. A large number of fry can be seen in planted aquariums without any intervention.

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