Red-Bellied Piranha | Fishkeeping, Origin, Feeding, Behavior

Definition of Red-Bellied Piranha:

They are native to South America and, found in the coastal rivers of Brazil. They are omnivores and in nature, they feed on foods such as insects, worms, and fish. They are fish that have become legendary because of the movies. Piranhas should never be starved, they tend to attack each other when they are hungry. The aquarium should be decorated with abundant plants and tree roots. Good filtration and frequent water changes are required as they consume a lot and generate waste. It should be fed in a flock of at least 6. They don't like too much lighting in the aquarium.

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What is Red-Bellied Piranha Scientific Name And Classification?

Class Actinopterygii / Order Characiformes / Family Serrasalmidae / Genus Pygocentrus / Species Pygocentrus nattereri

Other Names for Red-Bellied Piranha Red Piranha, Redbelly, Red Breasted Piranha, Common Piranha, Ternetzi Piranha, Gold Dust Piranha, Yellow King-Emperor Piranha

Is Red-Bellied Piranha Easy to Keep? 

They are moderate to keep.

What is The Origin of Red-Bellied Piranha?

The natural habitat of them are South America and, found in the coastal rivers of Brazil.

What Foods Can Red-Bellied Piranha Eat?

They can be fed with fish fillets shrimp, mussels, squid, bloodworms, insects, pellets and flakes.


What is Red-Bellied Piranhas Tank Compatibility?

They should be kept with their own species. Having at least 6 piranhas in the aquarium is important in terms of displaying herd behavior. Low lighting should be kept in the aquarium.

What Size Tank Should Red-Bellied Piranha Live in?

They need 379 liter (100 gallon) tank size. As the number of fish increases, the aquarium volume should also be increased. There should be a very good filtration in the aquarium and frequent water changes should be made.

What are Water Requirements for Red-Bellied Piranha?

They prefer a water temperature of 22 to 30 ° C (72 to 86 ° F). The ideal pH level for piranha is between 5.5-7.5. Water hardness is recommended as 8-12 ° d.


How is the Behavior of Red-Bellied Piranha?

They are aggressive enough to even attack human hands. They are generally found in the middle parts of the aquarium. It is recommended that they be kept with their own species.

How to Identify Red-Bellied Piranha Gender?

In normal times there is not enough difference to distinguish between female and male. During breeding, the male fish takes on a black color close to blue. The female's color is also darker, but not as dark as the male; it becomes a pale black color.

How to Breed Red-Bellied Piranha?

The color of the pair that matches become darker. The couple should be placed in a separate large aquarium. The water should be made soft brown using peat or water conditioners. A dim environment should be made and the temperature should be around 28 ° C (84 ° F). They clean the area where they will lay eggs with their mouths, and after they are in a suitable state, they shed between 1000-1500 eggs. After spawning, they should be separated from the aquarium. 6 days after spawning, the fry swim freely. They should be fed artemia and water fleas until they reach 5 cm (2").


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