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Definition of Yellow Cichlid:

Yellow cichlid is one of the most common fish species in aquariums. They create beautiful images in the aquarium thanks to their colorful and active nature. This species, which has a high tolerance to bad water conditions, is also easy to breed. They like rocks and caves as decorations in aquariums. They can reach sizes of 10 - 13 cm (4-5 ") in adulthood. They can live in an aquarium for 6 to 8 years. Due to their size and active nature, they are recommended to be fed in high volume tanks.

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What is Yellow Cichlid Scientific Name And Classification?

Class Actinopterygii / Order Cypriniformes / Family Cichlidae / Genus Labidochromis / Species Labidochromis caeruleus 

Other Names for Yellow Cichlid  Electric Yellow Cichlid, Yellow Cichlid, Yellow Lab, Electric Yellow Lab, Yellow Lab Cichlid

Are Yellow Cichlids Easy to Keep?

They are easy to keep.

Yellow Cichlid

What is The Origin of Yellow Cichlid?

The natural habitat for them are the rocky parts of Lake Malawi.

What Foods Can Yellow Cichlid Eat?

They are omnivorous. In their natural environment, they feed on small invertebrates and various plants. In aquariums, they can be fed with special feeds prepared for yellow cichlids, spirulina, pellet feeds, peas, and shrimp.

What is Yellow Cichlid Tank Compatibility?

They can be kept in the same aquarium with many cichlids. They should be considered semi-aggressive. The most success can be achieved by feeding on Lake Malawi cichlids. Various rocks and caves should be created in the aquarium due to the fact that there are fish holding regions. In this way, regional fights are minimized.

Yellow Cichlid

What Size Tank Should Yellow Cichlid Live in?

It is recommended that the fish tank is a minimum of 200 liters (25 gallons). This volume should be increased according to the high number of fish. In addition, since various rocks and caves should be built into the aquarium, there must be left areas where fish can swim freely.

What are Water Requirements for Yellow Cichlid?

They prefer a water temperature of 22 to 28 ° C (72 to 81 ° F). The ideal pH level for yellow cichlids is between 7.5-8.5. Water hardness is recommended as 10-15 ° d. It is recommended to use an aquarium heater to ensure a constant temperature in the aquarium.

How is the Behaviour of Yellow Cichlid?

They are slightly aggressive species. However, they can also be affected by the dominance of other fish. They can be disturbed by Mbuna cichlid species. They are territorial species. It is necessary to have various rocks and caves in the aquarium for this behavior.

How to Identify Yellow Cichlid Gender?

Generally, males have a wide black line on their dorsal, pelvic, and anal fins, but the anus and ventral opening are checked for precise distinction. If the anus and ventral opening are the same sizes, it is male. If the ventral opening is larger than the anus, it is also female.

How to Breed Yellow Cichlid?

In an ideal aquarium, the male to female ratio should be 1: 5. Female fish incubate the eggs in the mouth for about 3 weeks. After the fry hatch, the female fish has protected its fry. When the female fish feels a possible danger, it protects its fry by taking her mouth.


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